Thursday, January 24, 2008

Salmon Anyone?

This morning has been a rough one. An 11:00pm bedtime makes any morning rough when the kiddies go to bed at 8:00pm and Mommy at 9:00pm.

So, what do a rough morning and a late bedtime have to do with food? Well, all that means tonight's dinner has to be quick and easy.

When I started discussing what I thought I would have with my fellow food cohorts, I found out that quite a few people feel the way I do when you mention salmon patties. Everybody loves salmon patties!

Salmon patties, rice and biscuits is the choice for dinner tonight. I love my patties full of onions, fried nice and crisp. My kids hate them with onions so I always have to whip up two different batches. I'm not one to keep up with measurements but here's what I do:


canned salmon (bones and skinned removed)




bread crumbs

egg (beaten)

yellow corn meal

vegetable or canola oil for frying

Mix all ingredients together except for the cornmeal and oil. Form patties with mixture, coat with corn meal or additional bread crumbs and fry to golden brown.

Being that this will be a quick dinner, the rice will be Minute Rice and the biscuits will come out of a can.