Tuesday, January 22, 2008

About to start smokin'

Happy Birthday to me!
For my birthday (on the 27th) my wife got me a charcoal smoker. This Brinkmann is not a huge high dollar deal ($29.99 at Wal-Mart), but it comes highly recommended from a friend who had one in college. I also wanted a more portable grill and this unit can also be used as a small charcoal grill if you rearrange the insides. I'm planning to jump in with some Memphis dry rub ribs this weekend. I grilled ribs back about a month ago, now I'll smoke the baby backs and see the difference. Last time I used a rub recipe from Steve Raichlen's BBQ USA, but it was a little to spicy. It had chili powder and paprika as the main ingredients. Any better dry rub recipes that are good out there? I've seen some that include brown sugar.

For the smoker I bought some hickory chunks for this venture, but I have read that fruit woods (apple, pecan, etc.) can add flavor. Does anyone have a good, cheap source for apple or pecan wood in the Anniston/Helfin/Wedowee area?


Laura said...

There are some great rubs called Memphis rubs, but the authentic ones have some whole allspice berries, coriander and mustard seeds in them.