Thursday, January 24, 2008

My kids really are freaks

So, it's been confirmed. My children, who pretty much eat anything a normal child won't touch, truly stepped into the abyss of weird last night.

The day before, we'd gone to the produce stand, and they'd picked out some items. Cauliflower was among their choices, and it's always been a favorite. They prepped it -- trimmed the florets and put them in a pot to steam -- then went to play in their rooms.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking, 'Hey, I'll give them a treat and make a sauce.' Usually, there's time only to steam and slap on some butter, but, heck, we were way ahead of schedule, so I splurged on a silky smooth sauce with just a whisper of nutmeg.

The kids approach their plates. They pause.

"Where's the cauliflower?"

"Right here."


A few minutes later, they're picking at a vegetable they usually scarf down. I inquire. "What's up?"

The 8-year-old offers this bit of diplomacy: "Mom, well -- you did a good job, it's good -- but I can't taste the cauliflower. All I'm getting is cheese." Another pause. "Cheddar." Another pause. "I'm totally losing the cauliflower."


Curse that ratatouille movie and that stupid rat with his discriminating palate.