Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New fruit bar on the market

Each day it seems a new health product comes out, with the makers touting its healing benefits. The latest entrant into this trend: the rise of superfruits. These are foods that are so good for you, apparently a Bulgarian man living on them alone lived to be 245. (OK, we made that part up.)

But they are supposed to contain tons of antioxidants and nutrients to make your body work better.

thinkproducts one of the nation’s largest producers of nutrition bars, is pleased to announce the launch of a superfruit bar, thinkFruit.

With recent studies championing superfruits, several thousand superfruit products are expected to enter the market in the coming year.

think Fruit has a reduced-fat bar that incorporates the flavors of pomegranate, acai, goji berry and noni fruit, along with high-protein ingredients such as dates, cashews, peanuts and almonds. thinkFruit is not only an immunity booster and a good source of fiber, but is also soy and gluten free.

“Since starting thinkproducts, I have been on a quest to harness the power of nature and provide consumers with pure functional foods. The launch of the thinkFruit bar is yet another example of our continued commitment as a leader in health, nutrition and the natural foods category,” says CEO Lizanne Falsetto. “Our company continuously seeks new ways of making the path to health and wellness convenient, delicious, and accessible to everyone.”

With less fat than the average fruit and nut snack bar, thinkFruit comes in four delicious flavors; Chocolate Pomegranate Power, Cashew Acai Protect, Peanut Goji Glow and Apple Noni Nourish. thinkFruit will be available in local retailers across the United States for $1.29 and online beginning July 2008.