Monday, June 23, 2008

Make your own soda

An idea that is bubbling up this summer: Americans are getting interested in enjoying freshly made soda and seltzer with a Soda-Club home soda maker.

In seconds you can make virtually any flavor or amount of carbonated beverages, on demand, using nothing more than the water you drink today and a Soda-Club home soda maker. Soda-Club machines require no more countertop space than a coffeemaker and are even faster to use.

“People make lemonade, iced tea, and coffee without giving it a second thought. So why buy prepared carbonated drinks when you can enjoy the many benefits of making them yourself in just seconds, with no cleanup?” says Soda-Club USA president Gerard Meyer. “Freshly made soda means great tasting soda. And with a Soda-Club soda maker, you’ll enjoy freshly made soda that saves you time, lugging, storage, recycling and money. It’s great tasting, practical, and more convenient than you’d ever think possible.”

Soda-Club USA, a newcomer to America, is a part of Soda-Club Enterprises, which has expanded to 18 countries on five continents since its establishment in 1991. Literally millions of fans around the world now make their carbonated sodas and seltzer daily using Soda-Club home soda makers and sodamix.

Making carbonated beverages with the Soda-Club soda maker couldn’t be easier. Simply fill the carbonating bottle with water, then screw it into the soda maker. By pressing on the unit’s top button, carbonation is injected into the water. Users can adjust the amount of carbonation to suit their preferences. Once carbonation is complete, simply unscrew the bottle.

Soda-Club flavors run the full range of tastes, from classics like Root Beer and Lemon-Lime and mixers such as Ginger Ale and Tonic, to gourmet flavors including Pink Grapefruit, Cranberry-Raspberry, and Orange-Mango. Whichever flavor you create, the reusable carbonating bottles contain a special cap which helps preserve the fizz and flavor for days.

“Believe it or not, Americans consume about 600 cans worth of soda for every adult and child in the United States,” states Meyer. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, that adds 10 1/2 cubic feet of packaging per American — over 3 billion cubic feet! — in our landfills and recycling facilities every year. Soda-Club carbonating bottles are reusable, and its sodamix flavors are highly concentrated, making them an environmentally-friendly alternative to canned and bottled soda.