Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coming to Your Table on Wednesday

Local growers and back yard gardeners are flush with blueberries this season. The ones on my four bushes aren't quite ready yet, but that doesn't mean it's not time to start looking for ways to use these blue berries of happiness.

We've got some classic blueberry recipes, as well as some flavor combinations you may not have tried.

There are tips for picking the perfect watermelon and how to cook the perfect cut of rare roast beef. Trust me, it's an art few people in the South have mastered. Somehow everything called "roast beef" ends up being "pot roast." I love pot roast, but it's not a roasted hunk of meat that's taken a nice, hot vacation in the oven.

There are also ideas for dips to enliven any party, and Ben Cunningham and Pat Kettles both talk about the hidden information on your adult beverage labels. Restaurant inspections tell you who's doing what in the dining scene, and Prudence Hilburn's Gourmet Touch takes waffles beyond breakfast.

See Wedensday's Anniston Star for the complete lineup, including about two dozen recipes ideal for this hot, sultry season.

Enjoy. Life's too short to eat bad food.