Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adding some charm to the grill

OK, this goes under the heading of something that, initially, seems frivolous but actually comes in handy, when you think about it: Grill Charms.

They're the meat griller's version of those little wine charms that go around the stems of wine glasses to remind everyone whose glass is whose. These lightweight charms stick into a steak or burger before cooking to keep track of how each piece of meat will be cooked -- as well as what spices might go (or not go) on it.

Think about it. If you're cooking for a group of people, and everyone wants a steak cooked differently, the charms can help you track how you cook them. (Keeping in mind that you can only see the charm from one side, so once you flip that Rare steak, you won't be able to readily see the charm with its R on it unless you take a peek.)

They'd also come in handy when some people have different dietary needs. A guest on a low-sodium diet probably needs to know which burgers have been drenched in Moore's or Dale's marinade.
The really nice thing about these charms: There isn't a W for "well done." As any lover of meat knows, any steak cooked to "well done" is anything but done well.