Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pickles on a stick?

Flashback to fouth grade. A bunch of us were hanging out at a friend's house after school. Naturally, there was a snack opportunity. We scrounged all the kosher dills from the jar -- then divvied up the juice for a quick shot of vinegary-salty elixir.

It was only a matter of time before this stuff took root. (OK, maybe it's been almost 30 years...) but it seems Bob's PicklePops pickle juice treats are growing in popularity.

They are frozen treats made, not from just the brine left over from pickling, but from freshly squeezed pickles, much like an apple or orange is pressed. (Next hot wedding gift: a pickle press.)

The USDA was so intrigued by the distinctive frozen "vegetable" product they granted Bob’s Pickle Pops their blessings to distribute them to the schools across the country.

“We use 100% of the pickle,” says Bob's Pickle Pops Co-FounderDavid Millar. “We realize it is hard to imagine that someonethought of the idea of creating a frozen treat made from picklejuice,” he says. “But once people try them they are hooked – andwe are happy to supply them with this refreshing treat.”

The product was created by John Howard owner of Outerskateroller skating rink and arcade in Seguin, Texas. He has been freezing pickle juice for the kids and adults and sells out every night. Surprised by the sales, he decided there was a market worth investigating. The company is also creating flavored offerings such as Spicy Pickle Pops that are proving to be popular.

But it isn’t just to quench the craving, it is to provide the heretofore little-known health benefits

Health Benefits: A recent study (the release doesn't tell us who did the study, we'll keep looking for more info) revealed that pickles blunted the blood-sugar spike by as much as 30 percent after a high-carb meal. Studies revealed that vinegar, much like that used in the pickling process, provided a balancing benefit to combat harmful insulin spikes. The spices used in the pickling process are also healthy. Pickling ingredients like garlic and dill help to control the growth of unhealthy bacteria in the body. And many other spices involved in the pickling have been known to have wide-ranging health properties as well.

Bob's Pickle Pops have no fat and have lessthan 1 gram of sugar.

Bob’s Pickle Pops are available in packages of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 120. They range in price from $19.95 to $60 including shipping. The 120 count sells box for $60. Pops are all pre-packed in poly bags of 10.