Monday, May 5, 2008

Calling all mushroom cooks

Think your mushroom recipe is as good as it gets?

Home chefs and mushroom enthusiasts should enter their best recipe here by Thursday, May 15 for a chance to win 2 pounds of fresh, wild morel mushrooms from the contest's sponsor, Marx Foods.

Fresh, wild Pacific Northwest morel mushrooms have been popping up and the season has inspired a mushroom recipe contest with a goal of collecting new, mouth-watering cooking ideas.

“Mushrooms (of every kind) rank as one of my favorite foods,” said Justin Marx, CEO of “Since we can all get stuck making our favorite recipe over and over again, I look forward to seeing and applying the new ideas we receive.”

The contest is not limited to morels—recipes can incorporate any variety of fresh, wild, or dried mushrooms. Each recipe will be judged by the staff at on taste and originality. The creator of the winning recipe will receive two pounds of morels the week of May 26 or June 2.

CONTEST RULES & REGULATIONS will evaluate the recipe based on its ingredients, since Marx won’t be testing each recipe, but rather visualizing its palatability. The recipe’s perceived "deliciousness" will be judged completely at the whim of the staff.

Each contestant can only enter one recipe.

All recipes must be original. Recipes that infringe copyrights are prohibited. By submitting your recipe, you promise that you created the recipe and did not violate copyright law by publishing it on the Marx site. You also agree that we can publish its contents anywhere on the Marx site.

You must be a resident of the U.S. older than 18 years. Winners will be announced May 19.

Morels have an intense, smoky and nutty flavor which may be a result of them growing abundantly in the years following a forest fire. From the same family as truffles, morels are an intensely flavored delicacy. In order to have a No. 1 grade rating, each mushroom must be a whole, young specimen with white stems and free of blemishes. The morel season typically lasts from April through July.