Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The kindling, er, kindred, spirit of grillers

OK, so we're not done with fire-inspired trivia yet. On the "grilling and barbecue" section, there are enough recipes for sauce, chicken, fruit and vegetables to feed a small country.

Just off the press today:
38 percent of households use a grill at least once in average two week period. This has increased over 6 percentage points in the past decade.
35 percent of individuals consume foods prepared on a grill at least once in a two week period.
Fourth of July weekend is the top Holiday weekend for grilling with almost 30 percent of individuals consuming a grilled item. Memorial Day weekend comes in second for grilling (25 percent of individuals consume a grilled item) followed by Labor Day weekend (23 percent of individuals consume a grilled item).

Grilling is no longer only a summer behavior… (In the South, we've always known this. Good to see the rest of the country has caught up to us.)

So what exactly is being grilled?
Top Ten Foods Grilled
1. Burgers (any, with or without bun)
2. Steak
3. Chicken (We've kind of mentioned this today....)
4. Hot Dogs
5. Pork Chops
6. Potatoes
7. Vegetables
8. Other Pork Cuts (tenderloin, etc.)
9. Sausage (bratwurst, kielbasa)
10. Seafood