Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beer can chicken

The rain isn't the only thing making today a fowl occasion (Laugh, people, that was funny). We've got three chickens standing at attention just outside the newsroom door.
Beer-can chicken has been bubbling around the South for the better part of two decades. It involves the most inexpensive beer you can find, a chicken and a grill. Any football game in the Southeastern Conference worthy of 80,000 fans has GOT to have some beer-can chicken going somewhere.

Today's poultry trio is holding steady at around 400 degrees, by the probably-not-accurate thermometer on our gas grill. The side burners are lit and turned fairly low; the center burner is off.

We want a drunken chicken, not an incinerated one.

The birds have been rubbed with some seasoning. (Below: just plain black pepper. Above, a chipotle/chili/cinnamon rub. The other chicken has a mix of dried herbs, garlic powder, crushed red pepper).

Then we popped the tops on our brewskies and set the chickens on them. The grill lid is shut snuggly, and it will be ready for a look-see about an hour into the cooking time. Smells wonderful, and much better than raw chicken looks....

(Thanks to Andy for taking these and putting them on here for me, since my electronic photo posting skills are non-existent.-- Laura)


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