Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don't have a cow, man?

Food contests sprout like mushrooms after the rain. Here's another one -- and it's got legs.

La Cense grass-fed beef is looking for the best slogan to talk about, well, grass-fed beef. The contest, Win a Grass-Fed Cow, is online now. (Yes, technically we'd call them 'steers,' but you get the picture.) Prizes range from a beef and a freezer down to premium cuts for whoever turns in the best slogan.

The contest runs through May 31. Grand prize: 50 pounds of beef and a new freezer to hold it all.

La Cense is based on a monster (88,000-acre) ranch in southwest Montana, in business since 2002. The land has been used as a ranch since the 1860s. The beef is grass fed (meaning the animals haven't been raised on a feedlot). The animals have received no hormones, antibiotics or other artificial treatments. Even their drinking water is from a spring.