Monday, May 19, 2008

Frank is getting hotter

The flavor of FRANK’S Cayenne Pepper Sauce has come a long way since it was used to create the first Buffalo wings in Buffalo, NY in 1964. It's now moving to wider branches of foodservice.

“Our consumers put Frank’s RedHot on everything,” says Barbara Yaros, director of marketing services at French’s Foods, the maker of Frank’s RedHot. “In addition to being THE essential ingredient for great Buffalo wings, we see consumers love to splash it on an endless list of favorite foods including eggs, burgers, tacos, pasta, popcorn and crab legs!”

The new product launch includes its first-ever line of “heat and eat” Buffalo wings, four mouth-watering meat snacks and Buffalo Chicken pizza.

With 20 billion chicken wings consumed by Americans each year, the popularity of this pub grub continues to expand its fan base.

Now with the introduction of two “heat and eat” wing varieties, consumers can enjoy restaurant quality wings in the comfort of their own home. Frank’s Original Buffalo Wings continue the legacy of the brand which is the secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wing recipe that launched the ongoing flavor craze. The company will also be introducing Cattlemen’s Hot & Spicy Barbecue Wings. Both items will be available in 18-ounce microwaveable trays in the fresh deli case.