Monday, May 5, 2008

Grilling Trends, '08

Spring's in full swing and summer's approaching, which means it's time to start preparing for grilling season.

Grilling Guru Alicia Kaper from says there are several exciting advances in the grilling industry this year that will make the Summer of '08 a great time to get a new grill. Kaper says any consumers considering a grill purchase should take advantage of the following trends:

Manning The Grill Is An Obsolete Phrase
Gone are the days of the "designated griller," where only the dad of the family was authorized to "man a grill." While about 10 percent of grill purchases are made by charcoal-loving traditionalists, for the rest of us, it's all about precision, ease and anything but charcoal. At, 90 percent of grill purchases now are electric or gas models and thanks to technological advancements even a novice can cook the perfect steak. Many new grills are great for moms, teens, grandmothers and others who once sat on the grilling sidelines.

Electric Grills Go Gourmet
Many consumers associate electric grills with George Foreman's favorites from a few years ago. They assume that, because of their size, electric grills have limited capabilities. But those days are gone, too. Truth is, some technically advanced electric grills for '08 are truly viable players in the competition to provide the ideal grilling experience. The brand new Fire Stone Cook Number grills are prime examples of this trend as they feature ten precision settings that inform grillers when food is cooked exactly right. In the past, electric grills were about sacrificing performance for convenience. Now they yield delicious meals with ease.

Porcelain Is The New Steel
Grill makers have fashioned new "looks" for grills in '08. Because of the surging price of stainless steel, more affordable Porcelain-Enamel grills are now being offered by many manufacturers. Porcelain-Enamel grills are available in a variety of colors, allowing consumers to match their grills with home and patio accents. Vermont Castings and Weber, for example, offer most of their models in a wide range of colors, including green, blue, and burgundy. Here's a new, blue Weber grill.

Infrared Technology Ignites New Gold Standard
The 'hottest' trend in grilling is Infrared technology. Many high-end manufacturers, such as Lynx, have started to incorporate it into their gas grills. Lynx's ProSear Grill delivers intense and controllable infrared heat to seal the flavor and juices into the meat. These grills also appeal to those looking for a 'greener' grill option because, with infrared grills, there is less gas consumption and shorter cooking time.


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