Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Louisiana coffee export

More food news from NOLA, and the familiar image of the French Market off Jackson Square is a classic representation of the Crescent City.

Current research shows that a moderate intake of caffeine, approximately two cups/200 mg per day, will not harm a developing fetus. It has also been suggested that heavy coffee drinkers who are expecting should decrease consumption of caffeine by turning to decaffeinated or chicory coffees. Expecting mothers have three options for coffee blends with a smaller dose of caffeine, while still maintaining the richness of a pure roast coffee.

Expectant mothers are asked to adjust their eating habits by eliminating foods such as lunch meats, mayonnaise and raw meats or seafood but are not required to give up a full-bodied cup of coffee. Doctors have recommended that caffeine products along with artificial sweetener are safe for both mother and baby when consumption is regulated.
From the folks at French Market Coffee comes a pitch for their chicory blends:

According to Jesyka Bartlett, fourth generation and Director of Marketing for French Market Coffee, “Coffee is ingrained into people’s lifestyles. It’s what makes a great morning and is a soothing luxury in a hectic day. Expectant mothers still desire, along with other cravings, a fresh brewed cup of coffee that serves as a delicious escape.”

Bartlett adds, “Moderation is the key to any dietary plan. The key is to find the balance between your favorite food and drink – without compromising on flavor or quality.”

There are now three options for expectant mothers who desire the full-bodied taste of coffee. The first being the standard decaf coffee which has been an option for expectant mothers for years.

The second option, to which many Southerners are devoted, is Coffee & Chicory, which is a combination of ground coffee beans and ground chicory, the root of the endive plant. This type of coffee offers less actual caffeine than pure coffee because of the combination.

Because of the natural decaffeination processes and the chicory, Decaf Coffee & Chicory provides an even less caffeine than pure coffee. The French Market Coffee blend is ideal for expectant mothers because the Decaf Coffee & Chicory still provides the full, rich flavor of fine coffee with a hint of a chocolate taste.

“Over the past century, French Market Coffee has perfected the art of coffee roasting.” says third generation coffee roaster, Fraser Bartlett, “Our Decaf Coffee & Chicory maintains the same standards that our consumers expect, while offering a full-bodied taste for those who prefer a less caffeinated option.”

The third option is a cold brew concentrate which is a shelf-stable product that when mixed with milk offers a serving of dairy. The cold brew can also be a refreshing alternative to the traditional hot coffees as a reduced acid option for expectant mothers whose stomachs are often sensitive to food acidity.

Expectant mothers now have more options than ever to still enjoy a cup of coffee while following doctor’s orders to insure the health and well being of both mother and baby, while not compromising flavor standards.