Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When the husband’s away the wife will….. NOT COOK!

When hubby is out of town I usually eat things I wouldn’t normally prepare when he’s home. I bring out the cereal and sometimes I’ll just eat cinnamon toast or cheese toast or bring out the frozen dinners. Other times I’ll grab a salad at a local restaurant. I like to keep the kitchen clean so it’s kinda fun to think up things that won’t make too big of a mess.

Now there are times I’ll get in the kitchen and bake up some sweets since hubby is not that fond of sweets (except for me). Geeze… what a mess I make when I do the sweet baking. How fun it is to eat later on. YUM!!

When my other half is out of town I think it helps me appreciate when he returns home and I start back cooking my regular meals. Even though he eats at nice restaurants while out of town, he says he loves to get back to my home cooking.

Lets see…. What are we having tonight? Cereal or toast?