Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fry-day on Thursday

We had Fry-Day today. I brought my turkey fryer and we deep fried cheese cake, bananas, Oreos, dill pickles, egg plant fritters, tofu, onions and corn dogs among other things. Pictures below. Most of it went over well, especially the cheesecake and onions. Laura made a simple batter and we dunked them in before frying them in a fish fryer. The Oreos were not very popular. We tried Snickers bars but could not get the batter to adhere to the chocolate. As soon as we plopped the bar into the peanut oil, the batter came right off. Any tips?

Cheesecake. Something covered in batter before it was plopped in.

A banana peel (Bad Idea).

Dill Pickles

Laura and Andy slaving away. (Yes I was wearing an apron.)
Corn dogs.