Thursday, March 13, 2008

Season for cilantro

Local herb merchant Cindy Martin reports that the cilantro is thriving in this cool weather. Who knew that an herb known for accompanying Mexican dishes had such a cold nature?

Anyway, if you're itchin' to get in the garden, some of the local plant outlets have a few pots of cilantro alongside the cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and older early spring crops. Take adavantage of them now, because when May comes, they'll be done.

Other things to look out for: It's still not to late to "layer" your rosemary. Rosemary spreads by older branches laying down and coming into contact with moist soil. Roots develop where that branch meets dirt, and by the end of the season, a new plant has formed.

The easiest way to layer a rosemary plant is to get a large outside branch (still connected to the plant!), bend it to the ground and bury it lightly with dirt. Pop a rock on top of it to keep firm contact between plant and soil. I've done this pretty much every other year for the past 15 years, and I've almost got a rosemary hedge in my back yard. It needs hot, dry, well-drained places. Then let it go.

The flowers are beautiful this year, and ours was covered with honeybees this past weekend.