Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weeknight suggestion

Tuesday is probably the worst day of the work week.
I know all the jokes about Monday, but in my book people are ready for Monday, they know it's coming, so they deal with it.
Wednesday? That's hump day, by dinner time you can almost see the weekend.

Thursday? Just one more day and you're off work. Plus all the good (if you can call it that) network TV shows are on Thursday.
Friday is just friday, no further explanation.

So when my wife came home last night from work with a weary look that only teaching high school students can give, I knew she wouldn't be cooking dinner. (don't worry I make the salad, do the dishes and clean the kitchen -- I'm not an ape.)
And since it was almost 7 pm and we were hungry it was a dine out night.

We cruised down to Logan's Roadhouse in Oxford. I thought 7 pm on a Tuesday the place wouldn't be that busy.

Shows what I know, the parking lot was almost full.
The reason?

Two full meals for $12.99.

If you don't eat out a lot, trust me that's a great deal.

We both got the six ounce sirloin, salads, rolls and a side all for the price of one regualr entree.

The deal runs all day Monday and Tuesday each week.

There's more than steak too -- Tilapia, Salmon, Meatloaf, Pork Chop and Chicken.

I was impressed. The steak was cooked just right and juicy, their yeast rolls with sweet butter are almost their own dessert.

Plus you can throw peanuts on the floor. What more could you ask for?