Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crumbs to last a lifetime

On a sunny day around the picnic table, the conversation turned 'round to favorite foods, Top 5 foods and finally settled on foods that you'd eat before your execution. As in, Your Last Meal.

While prison stats will show that most people go for steak and potatoes, there were a few different nominees in our group:

Condemned Diner No. 1: Coleslaw, a jar of marshmallow creme ... and I kind of blacked out after the mention of marshmallow creme, but her list ended with meatballs.

Condemned Diner No. 2: Steak.

Condemned Diner No. 3: A really good pan of lasagna.

Top 5 food selections were a little more varied, ranging from the aforementioned coleslaw, lasagna and steak to .... banana LaffyTaffy.