Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The lone fan and some good beer

I took off Friday and Monday to surprise my little sister in Rogers, Ark. on her 16th birthday.
Sunday, while she shopped with the new gift cards she'd nabbed, I went to a brew pub in Fayetteville to watch the Georgia-Arkansas game with my parents.

Deep in Hog country, I was the only fan cheering for my Dawgs. (I'm a UGA grad)

But the sweetly unexpected Bulldog victory and some refreshing beers countered the evil stares from the bar.

Because I was in a college town I could enjoy a beer on Sunday while watching the game at Hog Haus Brewing Co.

I had a sampler of six beers, some pale ales, stouts and wheat beers that went down smooth with a UGA victory.

The best-tasting brew was a nice wheat beer brewed with blueberries, a great spring seasonal.

The worst beer I've ever tasted was a Jack Daniels and raspberry stout, which reminded me of cheap cough syrup.
I'll give the brew master credit for creativity, but a 3 oz. sample was all I'll ever need of that beer.

And since I'd already had lunch (not much to speak of, some quick Chinese at the mall). I snacked on a lightly fried calamari. The calamari was impressive, just the right about of batter. An Arkansas brew-pub that knows how to make a decent calamari? Trust me I was surprised too.

I recommend the place. For all of you Alabama and Auburn fans that may make the trek to Fayetteville in the next season or two, the Hog Haus Brewing Co. is a welcome rest stop, the likes of which you won't find many in Alabama.

Feel free to post about some restaurants you've enjoyed (or not) on your travels. A good restaurant tip will save a traveler from the chain-restaurant nightmare that is mainstream American travel.