Friday, March 7, 2008

Waffle Makers: Square vs. Round

I am the proud owner of a new round waffle maker. I found it on sale at Target this past weekend for $17.00.

I have had my square waffle maker for years but have never been able to make the perfect waffle. I would either have too much batter and it would go everywhere or too little batter and the squares would not fill up.

I got up last Sunday morning ready to make waffles with my new round waffle maker. On my first attempt, I followed the manufacturers directions using 3/4 cup of batter and it went everywhere. I went down to 1/2 cup and figured my waffle would have holes. To my surprise out came a beautiful, fluffy, golden brown waffle. I was so excited. I called my kids to the kitchen for breakfast and the ooooh's from them made my day.

Round wins!


Andrew Browning said...

Please, sir,or mam, get a life. But I'm also on here so I guess I'm hypocritical. I had an argument with a friend of mine and the debate of circle v. square waffles got pretty heated. As much as you don't have a life, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH for winning the argument for me.