Thursday, March 13, 2008

New food column coming soon

The Star will begin a new food column called "Check, please" on March 25. I'll be writing about all things restaurant from fast food to fine dining.
In my first column I've talked with some area high schoolers to find out where they're eating for prom choices range from steakhouse to sushi, some are heading to Birmingham.
For the next installment I need your help.
I want to find out which fast food restaurant has the longest drive-thru wait time.
Now I'm not talking about a one-time bad experience, I need some consistent problems.
My first nomination is the Arby's on Quintard Ave. in Anniston. Nearly every single time I hit that restaurant no matter what time of day or how many cars are lined up in front of me, I wait more than 10 minutes for a sandwich and drink.
So let it rip and let me know what you want to hear about when dining out.
"Check, please"


Laura said...

I totally second the Arby's on Quintard. Now, I know Arby's has tried to reposition itself more toward the fast-casual line of food and distance itself from "fast" food (as has Hardee's, by the way), but it is ridiculous to try and use that drive-thru.

I also want to toss up there the McDonald's in Golden Springs. Holy, Holy Cow.

bbuckner said...

On another note ... there's the McDonald's in Lenlock. They're way too fast, holding the food out the window for me to grab as a speed past.

NASCAR drivers don't have as much pressure.

And what's with this dual drive-thru. If I wanted a two-car pileup, I'd play Car Crash Derby.

As for slowest, Chick-fil-A near the Wal-mart in Oxford. Days, days have been wasted waiting for my Waffle fries.

Andy Johns, mobile reporter said...

Though I am not an Arby's guy, I can't imagine anyone coming close to as bad as the Wendy's on 14th (15th?) and Quintard. Amazingly slow.

The Chick-Fil-A in Oxford is slow as well, but I hate to bash Uncle Truett's place.

Todd South said...

I have a theory on the dual drive thru, which I will try and bear out through more in-depth reporting.

It's a mental massage for the customer. You think you're getting the food faster because you order rather than wait, but there's still a choke point at the window.

Maaaybe the kitchen gets the orders quicker so they have more time, but that may be arguable.

Nick Cenegy, Crime and Court Reporter said...

Lest we forget Taco Bell on Quintard. I think I finished War and Peace while they grew and harvested my Gordita.