Monday, April 7, 2008

Oprah's trainer pitches 'balance' line

Smart Balance recently teamed up with Bob Greene, Oprah’s trainer and founder of The Best Life, a program designed as a “new way of living – eating, of exercising, of viewing your life – that puts you at your healthiest, ” according to Greene.

In PR speak: Smart Balance spreads and peanut butter carry the seal of approval of The Best Life, meaning they are approved for use as part of the “simple but powerful lifestyle changes” (instead of radical diets and unrealistic programs destined to be abandoned) that are the core of Plan.

A growing line of Smart Balance products contain Omega Plus, a patented blend of balanced oils which includes a phytosterol proven to reduce LDL cholesterol as well as Menhaden oil (rich in long chain Omega 3’s) to help promote a healthy level of blood triglycerides.

Smart Balance has a 14-day food plan based on balancing healthy fats as an important part of a varied diet. Following this food plan, which includes recipes that – oddly enough – incorporate Smart Balance products, limits intake of saturated fat and increases the benefit from valuable Omega-3’s the fatty acids that may reduce heart disease risk.