Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Saving money

Those tax rebate checks are going to start arriving in May. We'll have some ideas on what you can do with your household's share to save money in the long run. (Remember, you'll be taxed on it next year, so spend wisely.)

Buy a deep freeze. For about one-third of your $600, you can buy a good-sized freezer. That will allow you to take advantage of sales and buy in bulk on everything from meat to vegetables and bread.When meat is on sale Buy One, Get One Free, I raid the meat counter; same with the freezer section on frozen vegetables, fruit or fish. (And who hasn't wanted to grab a half-dozen turkeys when they're 39 cents a pound during Thanksgiving season?)

We buy bread at the bakery outlet and stock the freezer with the loaves. Saves about 66 percent on our bread cost.