Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Bob Gibson's BBQ

I feel older today. Not so much because of aging or anything like that, but yesterday felt like a birthday for me. I went with my wife, brother, and a friend to the Huntsville Stars minor league baseball game and we stopped at the legendary Big Bob Gibson's Barbecue in Decatur on the way home (sort of). What a perfect day. It felt like we were celebrating.

I had high hopes for every thing I had heard about Bob's. I had gotten an email last week hailing Bob's at the best in the state or world or universe or something. I had read about it in my BBQ USA book by Steve Raichlen, where he hailed Bob's white sauce. I had seen it featured on a barbecue show on either PBS, Travel or Food.

The white sauce was different, but good. It had a strong, pickle/mustard taste to me, and my group decided it was best on chicken. I got the sampler plate with smoked turkey, pulled pork and chopped beef brisket. The turkey was good with a nice spicy rub on the outside, but it was light on smoke and a long way from the turkey at Sconyers in Augusta, Ga. The brisket was the best thing on my plate and it was flavorful, but dry. The pork was just there. Not very smoky, no real taste to it until I poured on the red sauce, which was a spicy and not overpowering, but nothing unique.

Overall I was disappointed big time. Maybe we caught them on a bad day or maybe it isn't what it used to be. At least I can say I've been.