Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seeking help for my spice cabinet

A lot of time is wasted in my kitchen by rooting through my spice cabinet. It gets even worse if the spousal unit decides to get in there and do some rooting of his own.

I’ve got a carpenter/contractor friend who would probably be able to custom make a spice rack for me. I was about to pick up the phone this weekend, when this little ditty rolled across my electronic desk. I haven’t tried it, so this isn’t an endorsement, but it looks interesting:

The SpiceStack cabinet helps home cooks locate and retrieve their spices, while saving valuable countertop space and keeping kitchen cabinets clutter-free. (Believed when seen, but I’ll listen to their pitch.)

The SpiceStack fits inside the kitchen cabinet. Three pull-out, drop-down drawers organize spice bottles horizontally so the labels can be visible. To use, slide the drawer out until it’s fully extended, then lower the drawer to resting position, where it’s easy to identify, retrieve and restock spices at eye level.

The unit, which measures 11 inches wide, 10 3/4 inches deep and 8 inches tall, comes in white. It holds up to 27 full-size or 54 half-size round spice bottles, or any combination of the two size bottles. Spices can be stored in the drawers alphabetically, by frequency of use, or by type of cooking. Four non-skid pads on the bottom of the unit hold it securely in place inside the cabinet.

The SpiceStack requires no assembly (that part’s important) and is made of plastic.

The SpiceStack is manufactured in the United States. Cost is $29.95, plus shipping and handling. Order now and receive up to 3 additional units for $14.95 each, plus shipping and handling, along with a complementary cooking apron for each unit ordered. Empty bottles with front and purchase date labels are also available. You can order online, visit or call 866-247-9459.