Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day plates

Happy Earth Day, to you. Few things are more in tune with Mother Nature than what we eat.

Here’s a twist on eco-friendly disposable plates: Palm Leaf Dinnerware.

The plates are made from naturally discarded palm tree sheaths and are bio-degradable, meaning they can be thrown away or composted after use.

Described as “stylish, yet rustic,” the dinnerware comes in several shapes and sizes and is available online from Marx Foods. Every piece is unique and the line includes bowls, plates, serving dishes and utensils. Each order contains 25 pieces, or picnic and dinner party themed setting combinations are also available.

Ideal for occasions ranging from backyard barbeques to formal affairs, Palm Leaf plates are easy, yet elegant enough for multi-course, sit down dinners.

  • Freshly fallen, naturally discarded sheaths of the leaves of the Adaka Palm tree are collected.
  • Each raw sheath is initially rinsed with water and then hand washed in a natural mixture of water and tumeric. The leaves are then rinsed a third time in pure water.
  • Once clean, the palm sheaths naturally air dry.
  • The leaves are then hand stretched and flattened. Various plate profiles, including round, square and hexagon-shaped dinner plates, are molded using a heated press.
  • One to three plates (or more, depending on size) can be created from each leaf. In order to maximize the surface area of each sheath, different dinnerware sizes or shapes may be cut from one leaf.
  • Once clean and cut, each plate is sun-dried and packaged in groups of 25.