Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting your brat-fest fix

There's nothing like the smell of beer in the morning. OK, that maybe sounds a bit like the intro to someone who needs a 12-step program, but it's instead the opening commentary on our Thursday Cookin' at The Star.

On tap today -- bratwurst, the first batch of which is simmering in some beer right behind my desk.

Some of you may remember the Great Bratwurst Cooking Experiment of 2007. Pitcher This columnist and Beer Guru Ben Cunningham and I dissected our methods of cooking brats. My way (simmer brats, onions and bell peppers in beer for a good, long soak; then grill) or his (grill, then simmer in beer). Results were inconclusive on which was the definitive way to get best flavor, but since I'm cooking today, we're doing it my way.

Ergo, Miller in the morning.

We've got a selection of mustards coming, some chips on the side. And a wine cake for dessert. Life's good.