Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Green way to clean

It is a new dish-cleaning productthat could very well make scouring and scrubbing of pots and pans a thing of the past. Magic Sheets is a biodegradable sheet infused with a proprietary organic blend that helps pull the food and debris away from the surface of pans and dishes.

When left to soak in even the greasiest and dirtiest cookware anddishes, Magic Sheets loosens the grime and food particlesthereby eliminating the need for lengthy soaking and strenuousscour pad work.

Magic Sheets are completely organic, nontoxic and will biodegrade in 21 days. Although initiallydesigned for the home-use market, Magic Sheets are also idealfor cleaning grimy BBQ grills and are equally useful for thecommercial kitchen/restaurant market.

Instead of soaking the dirty pan overnight, simplywet the sheet wipe the item, fill the pan with water, drop aMagic Sheet in the center and continue to clean the rest of thedishes. After just 15 minutes or so all of the debris will havebeen loosened from the surface, much of it latched on to theMagic Sheet. The composition of the sheet is such that it literally pulls the debris away from the pan’s surface. Simply dispose of the debris-covered sheet and use a basic sponge and a few drops of dish soap to finish cleaning the dish without the need of scrubbing and scouring.

“I come from a large Italian family and we used numerous potsand baking pans for our family gatherings,” says MaryssaDeAngelo, Magic Sheets inventor and President of Magic Products,LLC. “After dinner it was always cleaning, cleaning, & more cleaning, I found I was running out of bathroom sinks and even bathtubs to soak all the pans in – and so I decided there had tobe a better way.”

A box of 40 Magic Sheets sell for $5.95 and are available at:
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Anonymous said...

I went & ordered the Magic Sheets, they had arrived in a small amount of time, I also had a question on their product and sent an E-mail & their customer service was fast, and very pleasant. As for the product I am completly amazed, I thought maybe it might work a little but so far it has worked on just about everything I have used it on. I also used it on my hands after making burger patties and oh boy it took all that yucky fat right off my hands with out drying them out, I am very pleased with this product and will need to order more soon at the rate I cook. Thank you for the info on this product.