Friday, February 8, 2008

Got groceries?

If there were not two kids in my household, I would see just how long I could make it on bread and water.

I made my weekly visit to the store for the necessities, bread, milk, eggs, etc. and EVERYTHING in the store is high. The juice I buy went from $1.12 to $1.34, cookies $2.50 to $2.77, bread $1.07 to $1.16, milk $2.36 to $2.46. All of this might add up to just a few pennies but that's just adds up!

I am a single mother of two who counts every nickle, dime and penny and mine simply fly out the window when it comes to groceries. What can I do about it? Right now, nothing.

If you've got tips, please pass them along to me.


Andy Johns, mobile reporter said...

You could check out the coupons in your friendly Anniston Star. Haha.

Laura said...


I save about $5 to $8 per trip (monthly shopping trip) using those coupons. Winn-Dixie doubles everything that's 50 cents off (or less). That adds up.