Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fun with root vegetables

An under-appreciated little (well, they're not little) gem in the produce aisle is making its way back into haute cuisine. The lowly rutabaga is become chic.

Don't laugh. I would never have imagined eating those things -- and never had -- until I needed some for our recent Scottish feast. I put the rutabaga in a roasted potato recipe, as directed, and it got some favorable reviews from work. At home, I slipped cubed rutabagas into a pot roast instead of potatoes. Not only did the family not notice the switch, they commented that "the potatoes are really good tonight." Don't think they taste like a really big turnip; nothing could be further from the truth. And, believe me, I can't stand the taste of turnips.

My point: These things last forever under refrigeration (well, not really forever, but it seems like it). They're relatively inexpensive and they mash, puree, roast and fry as chips just as easily as the good ol' tater.

Give 'em a try next time your looking for something different.