Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cookin' from the bottle

Inspired by primary elections and Mardi Gras, the Star's cooking department (Motto: We're always thinking about food) has put together a Southern version of burgundy beef.

Only we're using Merlot instead of burgundy.
And the wine's from California, not the South....
Anyway, lunch is in an hour or so.

The "recipe," such that it is:

about 4 pounds of stew meat and shortback ribs (I like how the bones make a nice base.)
1 large onion, peeled and chopped
about 4 slices of bacon
Four cups of beef broth
Four cups of water (sort of)
1 bottle of red wine
assorted spices that we've gotten in the mail over the years: some dried, minced garlic; ground thyme; crushed red pepper; summer savory. Rosemary from my back yard.
A bunch of root vegetables (see post on root vegetables)
A bay leaf. or two. or three.
Simmer in a pot; thicken with a little flour. Serve.