Friday, November 14, 2008

Velveeta and casseroles. Bring it on.

The makers of velveeta are inviting America to rediscover the casserole – the delicious and versatile one-dish wonder that won’t break the bank. In the South, casseroles have NEVER gone out of style, and no church supper or potluck would be complete without a slew of them.

Five top bloggers are taking the VELVEETA Casserole Challenge – creating an original casserole recipe using VELVEETA that can serve four for under $10 with second helpings for the following day. Visi by Nov. 23 to vote and to see a contest that offers great prizes for consumers’ best tips to deliver delicious dinners to the family on a budget.

Twenty first-prize winners will receive VELVEETA Casserole Kits and the creator of the top tip will be awarded a set of stainless steel cookware.

"We know families are looking for ways to bring dinner to the table on a budget. The VELVEETA Casserole Challenge is a fun way to highlight easy, affordable meals, and remind families how much they love these cheesy, all-in-one dishes,” says VELVEETA brand manager Sherina Smith.
Casseroles are an ideal way to stretch your dollar and feed the family for a reasonable price – taking the guesswork out of dinnertime. Plus, with simple variations in spices and ingredients, one recipe can become a whole recipe box full of meals. Log on to for new recipes and variations of current favorites using VELVEETA pasteurized prepared cheese product.