Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The spicier the better

The family's going to the Big Easy later this week -- if I can get all my work done in time, which is a big if -- so all I'm thinking about, or at least most of what I'm thinking about, is what we're gonna eat.

Here's the lineup, which consists of our favorite places that we must go to when we go:

Dinner Thursday: Old Coffee Pot on St. Peter .. Red beans and rice that I'll share with my daughter (she likes spicy food, too).

Breakfast Friday: Mother's on Poydras, where I may break down and have a debris sandwich, with Tabasco and a Bloody Mary.

Lunch Friday: ACME Oyster House on Iberville, where we'll have -- you got it -- oysters with my special sauce ... black pepper, ketchup, Tabasco, worcestershire sauce and horseradish. I'll take at least a dozen.

Dinner somewhere else on Friday, haven't decided yet. I'm taking suggestions.

Late-night snack both nights at Cafe du Monde, strong coffee and lots of powdered sugar.

Bus leaves early Thursday. Call if you wanna tag along. Our van holds 8.